The Author

“The moon is closer to the sun than I am to anyone.”

 Oh, hi!

It is just pleasing to know that by chance, your soul is patiently dwelling into this abode of chaotic and bizarre work of madness.

I’m Marjorie, and I’m honored to share some truths about me.

  1. Since I’m petite, I look younger than my age.
  2. Gawwd, I’m always hungry.
  3. I’m really a desperate wanderlust in the vast realm of literature and history.
  4. I act like I don’t care, but I’m actually sensitive and deep.
  5. I love cats as much as I love books (and its smell) and pizza!
  6. I hate people with overwhelming delusion of grandeur.
  7. And my life is pretty fucked up, and I curse a lot even though my humanity which is my weakness made me promised to God that I’ll try my best to lessen it. Point is “I TRIED,” so I swear I’m up to no good.