Unemployed Problems

by Marjorie

I don’t want to let one of my worst nightmares to happen because of my own lazy doings, so hey people around me, you  should also learn to wait and trust …

I just graduated from college so hello real world, where everyone is pressuring you about almost everything. But, I’m  quite thankful for some who tried their best to hide their curiosity about my future job since the universe made them ignorant about the importance of my course. Can I take a break for a while? I’m not the kind of person who would just wake up every morning and do nothing. Eventually, I will get tired of this lazy routine. In fact I even made my summer goals, so please keep your mouths shut and make some distance. I’ll call you when I need you. Okay? Okay? Don’t worry I’m an English major. I know the techniques of resume making and I might do good in the interview.

But for now, I need to achieve these:

☑️ Cuddle more with the cats (We have 6!)

☑️ Healthy sleeping patterns

☑️ Healthy diet and exercise

☑️ Make my stomach flat ( I could practice a lot of push-ups)

☑️ Sort and throw some of the things that I don’t need anymore (can I include people? 😉)

☑️ Read books

☑️ Write (I need to start a legit journal and of course a constant blog update)

☑️ Cook (Yes, yes)

☑️ Drive?

☑️ Swim?

☑️ Apply a job (Yeeeeyyyyy!)