Hello! Hello! Hello!

by Marjorie


I know I haven’t updated anything here. My time is occupied with many senior year stuff plus the piles of tasks that I need to do for my organizations. Anyway, I just want to share some quotable quotes from my English 75 class (Cebuano-Visayan Literature). It’s the only way to somehow immortalize the nuggets of wisdom that I’m learning every session (not to mention that our teacher is my ultimate crush *blushes*)!

So here are the titles of the poem plus the quotable quotes. Hehehe

Mga Awit Gikan sa Rosas Pangdan (1928)

“Waiting refines the character.”

Sa Babaye ng Naghubo Didto sa Baybayon sa Ubong (1989)

“You are forever changed when you find your muse.”

“Follow your heart, but listen to your instinct.”

“With greater knowledge increases sorrow.”

“All beautiful things starts from chaos.”

Surrealismo (1970)

“Love can die no matter how great it is.”

“Just linger long enough, but not too long.”

Bininyagang Garay (1980)

“The truth is always unsettling.”

“You are not in love with me, you are just fascinated.”

Hikalimtan (1906)

“Love has its own way of looking.”

“Foolishness is also a bliss.”


“It must be hard when it’s true.”

“I don’t want to need you because I know I can’t have you.”


“You can only hate someone when you know you love the person, and the person loves you back.”