23 Things That Happen In Your Last Semester Of College

by Marjorie

Thought Catalog

1. Have an existential breakdown, get really meta about how four years have gone by so quickly, remain in complete disbelief that you are a senior and are therefore buying your last books, taking your last classes, etc.

2. Post about said disbelief excessively on every social media outlet you can get your hands on.

3. Realize you know the wedding dates of a few of your friends, freak out.

4. Realize you know where a few of your friends will be working after graduation, freak out.

5. Think about adulthood and all the ways you’re so not cut out for it, but make jokes about it more than you actually contemplate the ways you probably can, and will, be able to function.

6. Get sentimental with your friends and tell them how much knowing them has changed you and how they are the greatest people you’ve ever known.

7. Generally just…

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