When the Nerd goes Clubbin’

by Marjorie

Warning: This is another wasted narration. Read at your own risk. And always remember that too much alcohol will never do well in your system. (And I changed my friends’ names just in case they’ll pass by  this blog entry. *god forbid*)

Praise the holiest when I finally agreed to hang out with my high school friends after how many days of ditching them. So the moon was beautiful as it centered the twinkling night sky, and  together with my dear old barkada we had a dinner reunion at Emily’s place. We talked about the past, present, and future. I was kind of late so I got troubled catching up with them. Anyway, we just talked about their “boyfriends” which is my least favorite topic. And so we had a sweet and funny movie marathon, we watched two movies actually. I got bored on the first movie so while they laughed their asses out, I tried my best to get Em’s four-year-old cousin’s attention.  I succeeded for a while but the cute kid had a curfew. Psh. After the second movie, we waited for Jane (busy with her YFC  life) and Annie did her best to lower down her voice when Jane called because Emily’s parents were with us—WE DIDN’T WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT AFTER THE INNOCENT MOVIE MARATHON, WE’RE GONNA GET WASTED.

Hell yeah! So t’was around 11pm and we’re gonna go clubbing! I was hesitant at first because I was not comfortable; I have never been to any night outs after March and my last memory about it was really unpleasant.  , but I was with my girls so I thought that a few hours won’t hurt. And of course number 1 club rule:  NO MINORS ALLOWED and the guards looked at me and Martha (gifted with the child-like heights) with confusion. Another thing, my calloused idiotic attitude tapped me again and it suddenly dawned on me that I wore a stuffed toy dog bag which was very very childish. But thank the gods, the guards let us in.

Annie and Reena immediately went to the counter to order our drinks, (pretty much the alcohol experts) but Martha told me that we should eat barbecues! I will never say no to food, so we went out and came back. Anyway, I could sense that Only  Reena and I were interested to drink because others kept on avoiding the alcohol. And to show my epic love for our friendship, I apparently got the most number of shots. I was very confident that I won’t get tipsy because I was the record holder of high alcohol dosage, but oh boy! I started to feel dizzy. We were dancing on the dance floor and Annie told me, “What happened to our Virgin Mary?”

I only laughed at that comment. I even wondered why I volunteered to finish the liquor. Maybe I wanted a getaway and enjoy my life for a few hours. I’ve been tired of so many school affairs. Or maybe I wanna fool myself around because I wanted to forget someone. (Hahahaha!) And that someone, well ,no matter how hard I try to forget our lame memories,my mind and heart somehow  betray me. Yeah, shit happens. 

Back on track, I only got tipsy once and it was 7 months ago but last night was really different. Of course I was still aware that I’m alive, but I could not think clearly anymore. My shit ranting started. I know that saying many negative things to the people whom I disliked were mean, but my mouth acted freely. It didn’t stop commenting about others’ trashes which were really none of my business. My friends were laughing with me. I felt sorry for the driver who witnessed our hell-of-a-night.

I went home around 2 am and my father opened the door .  He noticed that I was drunk but didn’t care anyway. My parents were cool about it, as long as I do well in academics. And I’m more into books that stupid alcohol.

So sunshine came, and I was so dizzy. I closed my eyes and slept again. I never experienced any hangovers before and that was my first. I also got this annoying allergies and I kept on medicating myself alone since, yes it was my fault. My sister also couldn’t stop giving me disgusted looks because she felt that I’m a wild drunktard.

When I checked my facebook account, my friends’ comments about me were all  the same—-the CRAZIEST AND the MEANEST.

I don’t want to feel as bad as this again, so NO more alcohol.