Late Rant Last March

by Marjorie

I don’t even know why I’m starting to type these nonsense rants about my overflowing emotions at this 1:19 am of Friday.

It is summer time yet I feel so cold since it rained. Again nonsense, the rain or the climate change has nothing to do about what’s   really inside my head that I want to put into words. All I feel right now is bleakness and it is so vague that I can’t even fathom its real meaning.

Well, maybe because of The Vampire Diaries episodes, or about “God-knows-who-I’m-talking -about.” Got it I’m very lame. So, what now? I just started a very useless entry for this blog again. I really need it.

Many thoughts bother me but one thing is for sure, giving full trust to other people always leads to disappointments and stress. That’s why it is better to trust only yourself so when the negative time comes all you’ve got to blame is nothing but your damn self. Also, if the right time comes you will have all the recognition and you’ll be proud that you’ve able to survived and achieved something.

Thank God, the last paragraph was quite sensible. I guess?