High School What Ifs and Tragedies

by Marjorie

I was with my high school cousins again (pretty much became my routine for my grandfather’s birthday celebration during semestral break). Anyway, we talked a lot and flew into different relatable topics. I suddenly realized that aside from being a lazy self-indulgent little prick during high school, I also had many what ifs and “WHY THE HELL DID I DO THOSE?” moments.

Okay, so I decided to make a list and of course (I’m so lazy to remember) they’re very incomplete. Yayks!

  1. I never supported my high school batch mate’s basketball team. I never went to any of their games which I should’ve done. (Very ironic because my journalism mentors told me that I was a good sports writer. Yayks!)The funny thing was, I had friends from other school and they kept on asking me “who’s wearing the number blah blah” and I didn’t have any accurate answers.
  2. I never went to that mystery/horror old storage room/formerly a CR with a very creepy past/ the main reason why unknown spirits were seen and felt many times in the computer lab 2 because (a) I always forget (b) I was too busy to remember or (c) the fear erased my curiosity.
  3. I was one of those “beyotches” that would only entertain people who love twitter, tumblr, Logan Lerman, One Direction, books, and of course MILEY CYRUS.
  4. I always had this one annoying girl batch mate who would purposely ruin my day. Wait, not just my day but my friends’ day as well. I actually made a plot of killing her. Kidding hehe. But seriously, if she got farther, I bet her hair already turned into a horrible blonde with pink highlights. (I wanted to make her feel the ugly version of Hannah Montana, because she would insult Miley in front of me. And before I forget, she didn’t love Greek mythology books too and she would always  give someone an evil smirk when she saw someonw reading it). Oh dear, I would not elaborate more about this insolent creature.
  5. What if I took up the UP-CAT? My life could’ve been, well I don’t know. UP was never my choice but for the sake of YOLO, I regretted after 3 years.
  6. And last but definitely not the least.. (Clears throat, ahem ahem) I should’ve never agreed to dance with “THAT GUY!” Way back 2007, first year high school acquaintance party; HE WAS MY FREAKING FIRST DANCE. (Not that I never had a dance with a partner before, but ugh! You know high school sweet dance is different). Actually, I declined his first offer and I was like sitting there like a DALAGANG FILIPINA (ew) but he kept on pulling me from my chair. He grabbed my hand tightly and holy moly, we’re already on the dance floor. That awkward feeling of closeness with my hands on his neck and his hands on my hips. I didn’t even look at him. *chills in the spine* Hahaha Gawwwd! I never told anyone about this and I just blogged it here.  Psh.

This post is too childish! :3