Anon Love!

by Marjorie


So I checked my mailbox on tumblr. Look what I’ve found!

I never thought that people still appreciate me. hehe

I know, this has nothing to do with wordpress, oh well maybe there is. but anyway I just want to answer them clearly here. :*


1. I’m studying English Language and Literature. And I heard many positive comments about my simple edits and color taste. In terms of graphic designing, I consider myself as the lamest plus I’m still practicing my photoshop skills. And about the color taste. I’ve been obsessed with pink, until now but I like embracing fresh ambiance, so I’m exploring cream and pastel colors which are pretty vintage.

2. I will never leave tumblr unless it is the end of the world because duh? I will have no goddamn choice. And maybe I’ll be posting more personal thoughts  here in wordpress than in tumblr.  I mean this blog is intended for long words while tumblr is all about my random reblogs and photo blog of course.

3. This one made my entire year (choss!) hehe. ASDHSJHFDJKSGFLD! I love the anon who messaged me this. Nawww, I never thought he/she is enjoying my randomness, my weirdness and meanness! :3 (Or maybe some of my friends are just making a fool of me! I hope not. haha! )