Reading List Overload!

by Marjorie

Just omfg! Ever since I entered the realm of college life, I’ve become so passive about my reading habits. READING and by that I mean not reading any minor subject books except for philosophy and sociology maybe, but reading as in doing what I’ve been doing ever since I become this forever alone creature who loves words.

Yes, yes I’m an English major, but I only got 2 majors last semester because

1. Thou shall not argue with great AB English prospectus.

2. My English 81 (Literary Criticism) pretty much fucked up because God-knows-what-happened when I entered the more or like a “trap” in choosing my semester group mates.

3. I didn’t enjoy  my English 26 (Reading Remediation) because our teacher didn’t really teach us anything. All I remembered was that she was always absent so voila! HANDOUTS GALORE!

Apparently, I’ve been stuck up with time. Every time I wanna read the unfinished ones, I’ll get easily tired. </3

God, this is just so exhausting for me because I was never like this before I left high school.

So right now, I’m scrolling my goodreads account and reviewing my old reading list while reading John Green’s An Abundace of Katherines. And oh! I remembered! I also told my friend to lend me her classics. Pfftttt.

And by the way I saw this photo on my desktop. Shit I’m so excited to end this summer class. I jut wanna spend the rest of my summer days for the real love of my  life.