The Good Samaritan

by Marjorie

I don’t usually blog how good people are, but this one really made an impact.

Since my friend and I are busy multi tasking some things, we decided to have a late lunch at the nearest coffee house in our dormitory.

So we were like eating and chatting about the weird weather, plus we got so comfortable because only few people were there. While eating, I saw a “businessman-grandpa” entered the house and talked nicely to the staffs. He was very polite. He ordered a loaf of cinnamon bread with coffee of course, suddenly the staff came near us and gave us the more than half of the loaf and told us that Mr. Businessman-Grandpa gave it. We were shocked of course, he even told the staffs to give us more drinks. As usual I’m very skeptical especially because he was a stranger, so I asked the staff if Grandpa has an ulterior motive. But she just smiled sweetly and told us that he was always like that. My friend was very positive about the trait and I guess, the kindness offered was genuine. So we thanked Mr. Businessman-Grandpa and the staff.

Grandpa replied with a very father-like smile and even though I saw him busy with some paper works on his table he was still able to manage his character as a good person. I mean, wow! I never thought that a person like that still exists, or I haven’t really believed that a person like that even existed.

Maybe for others, it was a no big deal but for me it was! I’m surrounded with selfish people and a very small act of kindness is already much for me. Yeah, it really matters. His family is very lucky.

His kind-hardheartedness was consistent. Just so you know he paid our bill as well. Even though we insisted that his good deed was already massive.

After that I was being cliche and thanked God that good Samaritans are still here.

Thank you very much Grandpa, and it’s a bit sad because you didn’t even bother to tell us your name. But don’t worry I’m planning to pay it forward.