Title? What is title?

by Marjorie

It is 9:32 pm. I still have tons of blog lists. I’m so tired. I wanna talk to someone. But my friends are busy…

I’m actually trying my best to be sensitive about other people’s feelings. That’s why I’m also trying my best to be good and be a smiling person in front of them.

So, summer class. Yeah it sucks. And it is even sucker because

1. I abhor Chemistry. It reminds me of junior high. Sleepless nights and ugliest days.

2. I still abhor Chemistry because it doesn’t have any literary or comparative linguistic ideas that interest me.

3. Of course I really abhor Chemistry because the experiments will take more or like 4 hours. It won’t help my life.

4. Duh? Who would like Chemistry? I mean the chemicals are hazardous and who cares about the oxidation or reducing agents, or the organic or inorganic substances anyway?

5. Damn, I dislike Chemistry because the practical exams are nerve wracking and time pressured. And very very long. Plus, the pre and post lab quizzes are useless at my existence.


Fortunately I’ve been exposed to leadership training and religious beliefs, so I still find some goodness in bad things like:

1. I have the best teachers in Chemistry. Too bad I hate the subject and my classmates have this “severe spoon-feed disease.” I don’t wanna brag, but I’m really proud to be a graduate of Regional Science High School. It taught me more than Science, Mathematics and English.

2. I still appreciate my teachers in Chemistry because they are so patient and kind. And I admit that it will break my heart whenever I see someone sleeping or not listening to them.

3. Well, maybe I like Chemistry. I just generalized my emotions because I don’t like people, oppppps, I mean my classmates.

Apparently another senseless and random rants. Again, I wanna talk, but I’m alone. I just got home from an organization meeting. I just smiled and never participated.

List of redundant words:

Chemistry, abhor, classmates, teachers

Moral Lesson:

Never waste your time reading a blog entry like this.

And sorry Chemistry majors.